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"Shed" is a term that was mostly used by drummers but is now used by all musicians.  It refers to a non-rehearsed gathering of musicians that come together to express themselves in a non-judgmental, soulful, and free-spirited way. You have to have at least two or more drum sets in order to create a shed.

What is a SHED?

What is Shed Your City? 

"Shed Your City" is a movement. The movement is to give drummers and musicians a voice, and expose the general public to the "shed" experience. Everyone has their personal musical experience , which translates into different styles of drumming and expression. When we all come together and play from the heart, it creates a musical experience that is diverse and representative of everyone involved. The experience has no limits. All genres of music, creativity, interests, and artistic expression are welcome. 

What is Shed Kids?

Shed "Kids" is a branch focused on children interested in percussion and musically inclined or curious. It is aimed at involving and inspiring our youth, and giving back to the community. Shed Kids works with other youth organizations to promote a movement towards improving the next generation.   

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